In the 70s - Meaning Lyrics, from Songs of the Seventies Lyrics - Steve Goodie In particular, we're looking for songs that aren't immediately obvious. Love ME (ON) tinder A parody of Love Me Tender, All Shook Up, and Hound Dog as performed by Elvis Presley Love me on Tinder, love me sweet. It had a four barrel, 409, gas was down to 29, four speed, posi-traction, guaranteed some back seat action. 100 Greatest Car Songs Don McLeans American Pie: 20 Things You Might Not Know Those are some lyrics to one of my favorite car songs of all time: Real Man's Car by a band from Long Valley, NJ named blue sparks from hell. McLean has steadfastly refused to discuss the meaning of most of the lyrics. As you can imagine, over the years I've been asked many times to discuss and explain my song 'American Pie. Muldaur has one foot in church and another in a Saturday night juke joint as she belts out hand-clapping church rousers, soul ballads and greasy swamp stompers.

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    But Muldaur manages to play things cool or hot without overreaching, even when briefly teaming up with guest vocalist Dan Hicks on "Winter Weather" or pouring yet another cup of "Black Coffee." She also has the good fortune. When the celebratory "You Ain't Going Nowhere".with Muldaur playing some tasty fiddle. Spectator She traverses the territory from jazz to bluegrass, from southern gospel churches to Smoky Mountain shanties, and she seems as comfy on Tin Pan Alley as in a south-side Chicago blues club-her sinuous honey-vinegar voice is her open-ended ticket. Her vocals have grown richer and huskier over the years, which suits this material perfectly. The best recording of her career!" *1/2 stars - Rolling Stone "The sultry singer returns to the sexy, bluesy confidence of her early '70's heyday. With Steady Love, Muldaur returns to a more all-encompassing sound she calls 'bluesiana and the results, if considerably more eclectic, are equally stellar. A high octane, soul shaker throughout that'll have you hitting Amazon to download e's the winner and still champion. Muldaur wisely chooses songs that resonate with the public while making them new and exciting, a prime example being the slowed-down, bluesy version of Edwin Starr's "War." Maria's voice is mature and incredibly flexible, able to fit. Another wonderful surprise is that Maria produced this CD in conjunction with Joel Jaffee. Those days, which now seem like a golden era of autonomy, are glowingly recalled on classic live!

    dipping into the songbook of Peggy Lee or wading into the Louisiana bayou, she completely envelops herself in her chosen style. Muldaur was born in New York. After spending the past several years exploring acoustic blues, jazz standards and folk protest songs, she returns to her jug band roots with this new effort. The spotlight is on her soulful, sassy vocals throughout as she effortlessly delivers country flavored Cajun tinged tunes, R B cookers, tangy southern rockers and a show stopping ballad. Maria Muldaur returns to her roots in jug band music to bring us a mix of depression era classics along with some new music to uplift us and help us get through the current times. Handy tune first recorded by Emmett Miller (but which, I confess, I first heard by Leon Redbone). John appeared on her first solo album back in 1974 and she arguably hit a career high point on her first full-fledged love letter to the city, 1992's Louisiana Love Call.

    Buddy Holly's death to eskorte nett modne nakne damer me was a eskorte nett modne nakne damer personal tragedy. These are songs that need to be heard. Its roots extend back into the early twentieth century as hundreds of groups combined guitars, violins and mandolins with washboards, spoons, kazoos, combs, and (of course) jugs. And men were apparently as rascally then as they are now when it comes to doin' their women wrong. How have you helped other careers along the way? Chris Spector, Midwest Record, 9/11/11, muldaur's latest release. Sweet Lovin' of Soul adds another title to her impressive catalogue of recordings, and follows on the heels of the first in her trilogy celebrating the women of blues. Meeting, recording, and performing with another amazing classic blues queen, Sippie Wallace. Benefits from a mastery of selection. But what has really caught my ear is the instrumentals. "I was relatively innocent, believe it or not." Know that the charming material of Naughty, Bawdy Blue is tame compared with the more explicit erotica of Carter or Lucille Bogan, the Coolidge-era lesbian responsible for Woman Won't Need No Man and.D. Be it blues, jazz, folk, gospel or pop in soulful sensuality. The mission is: research obscure ancient acoustic blues tunes, (of which 5 on this CD were written by Memphis Minnie assemble an array of hugely talented too-many-to-mention-them-all sympathetic musicians and play as close as possible to the original. Grahm Clarke, Phoenix Blues Society: Bluesbytes, 10/25/11. Maria Interview Prelude (for full text see m The first ten years of Maria Muldaur's forty-year exploration of American popular music forms saw her rise from the girl fiddler in a Washington Square bluegrass band to a chart topping pop chanteuse. Her fame was ignited by her sizzling '70s smash hit "Midnight at the Oasis" and Maria has since gone on to become the first lady of American Roots Music - a title she wears well. They sang with gusto, and they enjoyed playing with sexual imagery, which was a lot more clever back then than it is now." Naughty, Bawdy Blue, she pointed out, is part of a trilogy that began with Richland Woman Blues. I mean, I went to school and mentioned it and they said, 'So what?' So I carried this yearning and longing, if you will, this weird sadness that would overtake me when I would look at this album. "The Diplomat" and "Let It Simmer" both feature the clever lyrics for which he is noted. Maria Muldaur began her recording career almost fifty years ago. This is music designed for entertainment, a response to hard times intended to help listeners forget. It gives them pleasure." -Greg Quill, Toronto Star - May 2007 Loin-lovin' lyrics: Maria Muldaur sings the blues - literally - with song titles like One Hour Mama and Empty Bed Blues Sweet biscuits! Nothing slick about a jug band, she says, but she's wrong. Muldaur was a young singer with the upstart Jim Kweskin Jug Band when blues legend Victoria Spivey took a shine to her. How did it feel to be world famous? "What I like about my album is that it's classy. In a loose sweater, with one shoulder dropped and her hair falling in ringlets, she could pass for a vamp in the making, a younger, more innocent version of the seasoned sex queen Maria Muldaur embodies on the just-released CD Naughty, Bawdy Blue. "To Make You Feel My Love".her minimalist performance perfectly compliments the song, almost painful in its naked sentiment.

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    AC: How has modern music changed for women over the years? Beat Music Louisiana Love Call' is a fervent exercise in Crescent City soul that reveals Muldaur's true nature as a blues and roots influenced singer. Muldaur: Early this spring I got an idea to go back to my original musical roots and record a jug band album. Other highlights include Muldaur's sly, sexy version of Mississippi John Hurt's title song and her down-home take on Leadbelly's Grasshoppers In My Pillow. This is certainly one of Maria Muldaur's best, and will be a soulful shot in the arm for jazz and blues fens everywhere. In the end, it's three Bob Dylan anti-war songs that prove to be the stand out tracks on Yes We Can and possibly the most powerful performances of Muldaur's career. "I defy anyone to be depressed after hearing one or two songs." -Globe and Mail, Brad Wheeler, May 2007 Maria Muldaur salutes mentors - New album features blues by artists who shaped her style After 45 years of exploring. After all these years (and some 30 records Muldaur peels back the layers of time for Naughty Bawdy Blue, the final installment in a trio of albums containing wonderfully accurate homages to female blues singers from the 1920s through the '40s.